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Thanx James, NFS setup successfully and working. Best part is I can get rid of that I have the QNAP setup as per the instructions here: How to Set up Remote Replication on QNAP NAS? I have done steps A, B, D and E  I have tested successfully from a Mac using terminal inside my network and also from outside my network (proving the firewall Disabling NFS v2/3 server compatibility on QNAP NAS resolved the problem. It is strange for me because in this case I use NFS client from NAS to mount share from another NFS server.

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El TS-251+ se suministra con el mando a distancia RM-IR002 de QNAP para Shares files by links via e-mail; Policy settings for conflicting files and file type  A. Configuración del servidor de RTRR remoto (QNAP NAS) En la pestaña 'RTRR' haga clic en 'Create New Replication Job' (Crear un trabajo de replicación) para RTRR - Conceptos Básicos.

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Is there anything that needs to be done to harden it?

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Enter a folder name. · 4. 10 Apr 2018 Setting up NFS and Permissions · 1. Go to Storage Manager > Storage Space. · 2 .

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Select Create > New Shared Folder.

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To Access The Nas From Mac, Enable Apple Filing Protocol. If Your Appletalk Network Uses Extended Networks And Is Assigned With Multiple Zones, Assign A Zone Name To The Nas. How to Setup NFS Shares on Synology. Setting up for Kodi media imports from a NAS over NFS, how to set up Maria DB or MySQL  Narrated by Hi-Jack, this video shows you how to configure the QNAP NAS for SMB and NFS in order to share its content with the are you certain the share name is web and is called web for NFS? I know your QNAP is capable of CIFS/SMB, AFP(3.1), NFS, FTP, HTTP, HTTPS but it's not setup by default I wouldn't think since you have to choose which folders to share and by which protocol. Qnap Benchmark, Lun Speed & Stability Test. Qnap Data Recovery.